Fasting & Keto Coaching Plans

Success starts with a plan. Get started and stick with the plan to lose weight and see results the fastest.

1st Month

Getting Started


During this time, we must work the hardest to Improve Your Relationship with Food. Establish a good eating plan and overcome the bad habits to help you lose weight quickly.

Daily Check Ins

Set goals

Identify bad habits

Education about foods

Begin a new lifestyle

2nd Month



Working together, we will continue to Improve Your Relationship With Food. We can refine what works for your specific lifestyle and make adjustments to meet new goals.

Daily Check Ins

Set new goals

Remove bad habits

Evaluate Progress

Reward new lifestyle

3rd Month Plus



Continue your success! You are committed and will now feel the benefits of your success but you know you have to stick with the plan to make this your new lifestyle. Keep going!

Periodic Check Ins

Evaluate new Goals

Evaluate Progress

Maximize weight loss

Stick with the plan!

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