About Coach JJ

About coach JJ Intermittent Fasting, Keto and/or Carnivore coaching journey.
Hello, I am Coach JJ, and I want to be your Intermittent Fasting, Keto and/or Carnivore Coach.

Growing up in Venezuela, according to prevailing wisdom, I was taught to eat all the food on my plate at each meal. I’m guessing a lot of you were, too. It made sense at the time, based on “a good kid eats all their food on their plate” being the healthy measure of a child. So, I even finished what my brother and sister did not!

This created a relationship with food about consumption, not necessarily nutrition. Since then, I’ve been on the journey with you: trying ‘no-fat’ regimens, eating frequently to maintain blood sugar levels, this and that diet, etc… and have searched for a sustainable plan.

During my 20+ years as a successful Wellness Coach, I’ve seen nutritional factors frequently pushed aside in pursuit of fitness metrics. Even my clients would see progress toward their goals, but often not lasting results. My own experience was similar and sparked me to find a real solution!

In researching how to improve long-term outcomes, I found the teachings of Dr. Jason Fung, who advocates a program of intermittent fasting. Originally skeptical, I put this plan in place for myself and saw incredible results. Then I brought and applied this new knowledge about fasting to my clients with very positive impacts for them, as well. Since I started I have found several other great mentors like Dr. Ben Dikman (Insulin Resistance), Dr. Anthony Chaffee (carnivore), Dr. Ken Berry (Keto/Carnivore), and several more. Their willingness to share their wealth of knowledge has enriched mine helping me succeed with my clients.

Now, I invite you to join me on your journey to weight loss and wellness! We will Improve Your Relationship With Food by reacquainting your body with its ancestral foods, and natural function and attuning your palate and digestion to fuel your body for optimal wellness. I look forward to sharing my experienced guidance and seeing the benefits realized for you!

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